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Grandparents Day

The boys are girls would like to extend a warm invitation to their grandparents and local grandparents in the area to join them on Wednesday December 12th at 11.30 in the school hall. Grandparent’s Day will begin with the boys and girls performing songs. We would love to hear Grandparents stories comparing life now to life when they were children or if they have any artefacts/ old toys/ games/ etc. they might of played with when they were young, we would love to see them.

We all recognise that grandparents are very often our child’s greatest teacher and Grandparent’s Day is a time to celebrate all that we have learned from our Grandparents. There will follow light refreshments in the hall for all our visitors. We really hope to welcome as many grandparents as possible on the day, so please encourage them to join us if they are able and willing. If your are in a position to bake or send in any home made goods it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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