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Active Schools

In preparation to apply for our Active Schools Flag our Active School Committee, teachers and pupils have been very busy over the last few weeks and months carrying out different initiatives. Before the Summer we had ‘Football Free Friday’. This proved very popular amongst all the pupils and the Active Schools Committee along with Ms. Hughes did a great job each week coming up with different games, circuits and activities to keep everyone entertained and active.

Since we came back in September the pupils have participated in an initiative called ‘Tour of Europe Challenge’. This involved the pupils completing laps of the pitch and these laps clocked up kilometres which represented the distance between Ireland and different countries around Europe. A big thank you has to go our 5th and 6th class pupils who each mentored a group and to Ms. Parsons for organising it. The Challenge concluded with the pupils taking on the teachers in a race and you could really see how the pupils fitness levels have improved. Ms. Meehan, Ms. Hughes and Mr. Carney will have to do much more training for next years race !!!. Well done to all the pupils in school who took part in our ‘In School Soccer League’. Everyone really enjoyed the tournament. Well done to Michaela’s team who won the cup and Lisa’s team who won the shield.

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